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Container Gardening

Kathy has always collected unusual objects that can be used as planters and containers. When we moved to the property in 2005 and transferred many of the perennials from Kathy's previous garden the ground here was not ready to accommodate all of them, and so they were containerized. A few of these large hostas are still in big pots.

In recent years we have been experimenting by planting various containers with annuals, bulbs, hostas and other perennials. Dotted around the property you will see found objects such as washtubs, buckets and pans, as well as the more familiar, troughs, trays and large pots. Part of our collection of miniature hostas is planted in a series of bonsai trays. On one occasion we had 100 containerized hosta on our deck in a space fifteen feet by ten feet.

Our potted hostas and Japanses Maples line the deck, grouped in a pleasing manner, and extend around the east side of the house on a series of steps.